African Hair Care Products That Work

Jump the junk, use African hair care products that work , and are good for hair and skin.

Let’s face it we all want “Good Hair”… as Chris Rock addressed in his movie.

When you get a chance, rent the movie "Good Hair" by Chris Rock! It is soooooo entertaining and informative and sheds light on the whole cultural conversation and drive to have good hair.

The bottom line for the movie is Chris Rock wanted to know if the African hair care products were safe for his little girl. These products are safe and designed for ethnic hair. This company also has great hair products. It took over two years for Chris Rock to make this movie. He is funny, but hair…that’s serious!

The answer of course is many of the products used in the beauty industry are NOT safe! Particularly those products used to treat (or mistreat) African hair.

A great book to read on the subject is "The Hair Story", by Ayana Byrd & Lori Tharps.

Back to African hair care products…There are tons of safe cosmetics and hair care products out there that will produce great results without the harsh chemicals.

You can purchase the best products for you hair all in one kit..

The African Hair Care Kit This page for the most part is for my African American friends looking for great hair care for black women. I encourage others to read it too and pass it along to all your friends and family…yes, even your Caucasian friends…many may not understand what women with African hair have to go through.

Here is what I know:

1. The difficulties with African hair care products are the damaged tattered locks they leave behind…even bald spots!

Lots of “cream junkies” are aware of the Lye relaxers (aka sodium hydroxide, etc) potential for burning their scalp and leaving behind bald, sore areas and very damaged hair!

They take it for as long as they can then rush to wash out this intense burning cream…OUCH!

2. What "usual" African hair care products do.

Most African American hair care products coat the hair to create an oily or greasy finish to cover up the rough/bumpy texture and create an illusion of shine that covers up the intense damage the hair has incurred from the relaxers and colors.

This also "bleeds" down to the scalp, thus clogging the follicles and keps them from breathing and growing hair as fast as it could.

Also the relaxer cumulatively breaks down the protective lip around the follicle of the hair, thus allowing this sodium hydroxide(lye/same as Drano) ingredient to "burn" the papilla (root of the hair that forms and grows the hair) thus leading to thinning, shiny scalp and baldness... aaaaaahhh!!!! Terrible!

3. African American women spend over 7.5 BILLION on beauty hope of finding make up that works.

There ARE products out there that work and are healthy for every women, and specifically address these needs of African American women.

Cream Junkies be Free!

You can still have great looking hair with the best in African hair care products from Belegenza! Also Belegenza African hair care products are able to address almost all of the woes that come from dealing with African hair… in fact Belegenza was at the Bonner Brothers show when they were filming.

Since that time, Belegenza Extraordinary Hair Care has been able to educate and prove the benefits of these products…and continues to educate everyone about using safe, healthy products.

The difficulties with African hair…

Initially the challenge is that the hair is excessively curly and is categorized into many textures, types and "grades". The initial problem is the desire for having Cucasion-ishu straight grade hair.

To get that effect, relaxers are used and it is one of the harshest and most damaging chemical treatments for hair.

If not relaxed, the hair is very difficult to maintain because of its tight cysteine structure.

With it being so curly, when stretched, it gets kinks in it and has a tendency to break off, thus disappointing most in that they cannot seem to grow it long.

If you can remember what a telephone cord used to look like....a spiral wire that stretches.

In this case the hair stretches to a degree, thus leaving little bumps along the way, and yet the hair is not as strong as this telephone cord.

So, where the little bumps are, the hair has a tendency to break along those bumps! So, it's a difficulty that needs the perfect amount of straightening…and also a certain amount of smoothing agents that keep it from snapping off!

That's where Belegenza emollients, SpotLite Shine molecules make the difference! Fabulous African hair care products!

Mostly, the ethnic, African American culture is TIRED of trying African hair care products that don't work!!

Belegenza is currently working on videos of ethnic stylists doing ethnic techniques with Belegenza. If you want to show case your hair after using Belegenza, show us your style and tell us your story here: ProTect was created to form a barrier before doing a relaxer, thus eliminating the ongoing follicle "lip" damage, eliminating the "burn" and protecting the scalp and hair better than ANYTHING on the market today!

If you are committed to using a perm (relaxer, a.k.a a cream junkie) use ProTect first!

Or use a chemical free Straightner... You can all you need in one Kit and save some money. Visit this page for more information. ProTect is the perfect first step used before all color or relaxer applications. It also keeps color applications as safe as possible for sensitive types.

3. How Belegenza is beneficial African hair care products

To start with it gives control over the intense curl with Simply Straight … which begins to soften the curl bumps and smoothes it so that not so much manipulation is required as it grows in.

Secondly, Encore really defines the curls from there! It enriches the curls and deepens the definition of the curls which is what most are often looking for!

Third, Taffy adds all over curl and if used with SpotLite shine as a blow dry cream, they can blow out the curls with incredible humidity protection.

Last, but not least, Simply Straight is also safe for children who should not be getting perms (relaxers)!

I hope Chris Rock’s daughter has some…if I knew how to get to him I would. If anyone knows Chris Rock, I will send him a Belegenza starter kit free!

GrowOut helps grow in the natural hair faster, thus speeding the growing out of the old relaxed hair, thus allowing for the natural hair to fill out faster.... softer, and healthy!

For those with weaves, dreads, etc….. SpotLite Shine on the scalp will assist in keeping the scalp in perfect shape, strengthen and keep the natural hair flexible and strong. For the dreads themselves, it will moisturize them, and shine them a bit.

SpotLite Shine aslo has a special ingredient that will help keep them sanitary, like an antibacterial.

You can visit to see all their products or click on the link below to learn more about the products mentioned above.

African Hair Care Kit Now! If you have a hair product that works great please let others know about it. Belegenza has the best products I personally know about. I bet many of you out there have products you use and love.

Tell me what you use. Just fill out the form below and share!

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