Best Bare Minerals Makeup

What’s in your bare minerals makeup? Is it nothing but bare minerals ? I remember a few years ago watching an infomercial on Bare Essentials Mineral Make up. I wanted to have great looking skin too!

I have since discovered other mineral make up and started finding out what the difference is.

I did find a company that is dedicated to pure minerals makeup...

Alima Pure

A lot of minerals makeup is not "bare". Most minerals make up found in department stores contain fillers for the bulk and a touch of minerals for colors.

It's the fillers that cause problems for our skin.

I was a bit alarmed that I could not find out all the ingredients in the make up from the BareMineral Make up website. Transparency is everything.

Just tell me what’s in it and let me decide if I want or even can use it. I am very sensitive to many chemicals and fillers found in everyday items.

Just read the home page! I have to be very careful with toothpaste too. I will save that story for another day.

I do not like jumping through hoops to find out what is in the products I have. Like Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign I am starting the “Just Tell Me” campaign. Let me decide.

My organic make up bag is constantly being updated.

Recently I fell in love with a new line called...

Alima Pure

If you are a bare minerals makeup fan Alima Pure is the best on the market....

Their mineral cosmetics are fabulous! They have a very wide selection of colors and you can be eco friendly by recycling your containers.

Alima Pure uses the purest cosmetic grade mineral pigments No additives, fillers or fragrance.

Aima Pure... .....won't clog pores or irritate skin

.....a little goes a long way

You can find Alima Pure at your local spa or organic salon. If they do not carry it ask for it by name. If they know you want it, most shops will get it.

I try to avoid ordering make up and skin care products online for three reasons.

1. I do not know how old the products are.

2. I love to support my local community shops and save wear and tear on our environment.

3. I get expert advise on a color matching and sometimes extra "free" stuff. Local shops are the best.

If you can not find Alima Pure in your area, contact me and I will set you up with a good salon or spa. I have contacts!

The differences between Alima Pure and Bare Essentials, INC (bareMinerals make up) is what makes Alima Pur safe for all ages and faces.

Bare Essentials (bareMinerals) has not signed the Compact for Save Cosmetics. Alima Pure has signed the Compact for Safe Cosmetics and doesn't use any harmful chemicals. Alima Pur cosmetics are safe cosmetics.

Bare Minerals makeup uses fragrance, aluminum powder, titanium dioxide (nano size that easily gets into our airways).

Alima Pure has the largest color selection I have ever seen. You can be helped to find the best color match for your skin tone too.

For help on the applying make you I have found a very friendly

make up tips website. What I love:

1. Safe Cosmetics

2. Vast color selection for foundation, cheeks, eyes, and lips

3. Found at local salons, and spas

Try it, I am sure you will thank me! Please do let me know if you have tried Alima Pure and what you think.

If you can not find Alima Pure bare minerals makeup, or other safe skin care, let me know. I will help you... just fill out the form below.

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To learn more about Alima Pure minerals make up click here: Bare Minerals Makeup

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